Economic & workforce development

You’ve heard it before, with approximately 40% of jobs in the state linked to trade, Washington is the most trade dependent state in the country. From soybeans, aerospace parts to fresh fruits and medical devices, we as Washingtonians truly benefit from a dynamic trade economy that encompasses every industry imaginable.

It is imperative that we elect a Port Commissioner who has relevant experience and an appropriate policy plan to weather the coming storm. As a trade professional and expert, I am uniquely qualified to do this.

As a candidate for Port Commissioner, I propose we focus on four policy initiatives:

  • Promote Washington Exports

  • Invest in Capital Projects

  • Competitiveness in Freight Mobility

  • Workforce Development

noun_Raising a family_235059.png

tackling homelessness

Check back soon for full policy details!


Environmental Sustainability

As the Port of Seattle expands, it will inevitably increase its carbon footprint. It will be the commission's job to mitigate the environmental effects by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and transitioning to sustainable sources of energy.

Full policy details coming soon!


moderinizing our ports

As a small business owner that works with the Port regularly, I have an intimate understanding of the challenges that the Port of Seattle faces. As King County continues to grow, it is imperative that we continue to make investments in modernizing our ports so they stay competitive and continue to serve the people.

Full policy details coming soon!