A Port for the People.





Modernizing our Ports

As a small business owner that works with the Port regularly, I have an intimate understanding of the challenges that the Port of Seattle faces. As King County continues to grow, it is imperative that we continue to make investments in modernizing our ports so they stay competitive and continue to serve the people.

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Protecting workers and small businesses

We need the Port of Seattle to work for the people of Greater Seattle.  With the explosive growth we’ve experienced in King County, we need the Port to be an economic engine that everyone can benefit from--not just big corporations. That means providing jobs and training for jobs with living wages and providing more port contracts for small and minority-owned businesses.

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Protecting the environment

As the Port of Seattle expands, it will inevitably increase its carbon footprint. It will be the commission's job to mitigate the environmental effects by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and transitioning to sustainable sources of energy.

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